Medical Imaging

Utilizing proper gamma  imaging with high noise reduction capability and quantitative capability, image monitoring device for radiation therapy such as proton beam therapy and neutron therapy.

Moreover, by utilizing high noise reduction capability, nuclear medicine imaging apparatus with high contrast and less exposure dose than conventional SPECT and PET.




Environmental measurement

It is possible to realize a highly accurate and quantitative “in-situ” radiation distribution measuring apparatus that was difficult by the present technology. It can also be expected to be applied to decommissioning of nuclear power plant accidents, such as specifying a radiation source during reactor decommissioning.

Non destructive inspection

A non-destructive inspection apparatus capable of detecting water  inside the concrete and specifying the substance inside the structure, which was difficult with the conventional X-ray inspection, is realized.

Resource exploration

By imaging spectroscopy from the sky, mineral resources exposed on the ground surface can be searched several ten times more accurately than before.